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    Afghan Hound |Afghanistan|

    Afghan Hound |Afghanistan|

    One of the world’s oldest breeds, Afghan Hounds were originally employed as hunters and guardians in their native Afghanistan. They have distinctive personalities and are often aloof, almost haughty, around people they don’t know. They are exceptionally regal and elegant dogs and with their gorgeous (extremely high maintenance) coats could be considered the “supermodels” of the dog world. Once they have accepted you into their inner circle, Afghan Hounds can be rewarding, playful companions.


    The Afghan Hound is an ancient and rugged breed with a glamorous appearance. Returning army officers took sight hounds from Afghanistan, India, and Iran to the United Kingdom early in the 1900s. The most famous dog was Zardin, imported from India in 1907, and the first breed standard was based on him. In the 1920s, two types of Afghan were imported to the United Kingdom and formed the basis for the breed development there. The breed made it to the United States in 1922, with breeding kennels established on the East Coast. Zeppo Marx, youngest of the Marx brothers, famously imported two Afghans in 1931.

    At birth, Afghan puppies have short noses, legs, and hair—very different from the adult dogs!

    Afghan Hound |Afghanistan| Afghan Hound |Afghanistan| Afghan Hound |Afghanistan| Afghan Hound |Afghanistan| Afghan Hound |Afghanistan| Afghan Hound |Afghanistan| Afghan Hound |Afghanistan| Afghan Hound |Afghanistan|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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