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    This Is My Territory

    This Is My Territory

    All cats, whether they live outdoors or enjoy an indoor lifestyle, are territorial. They have what's called a home range and a territory. The home range is the area that the cat lives in, and the territory is the area that the cat defends. The territory is smaller than the home range and is described more precisely as the area that represents a safe environment and a plentiful food supply.Although domestic cats don't have to hunt-because they have a regular supply of food in the warmth of the family kitchen-they have not lost the desire to stake their claim to an area and be protective of a territory, particularly what is known as the inner core of that territory, which, in a home environment, would be around the food bowl.

    This is particularly important to remember in a multicat household because cats are not only solitary hunters but also solitary eaters. That's why it's important that each cat has a designated food bowl. And it's a good idea to put the bowls in different places. Admittedly, cats will often eat out of one another's bowls, but only very secure cats will share a food bowl simultaneously. They may often appear "territorial" by "fluffing up" or even hissing over the use of a cat door or even a door or entrance to another part of the home. Studies have shown that domesticated male and female cats who are allowed outdoors stake their claim to different sized areas. Normally, a female will consider her home range to be the immediate area (garden) of her home and that of the adjoining properties. A male cat's range can be equated to twenty city blocks.

    Only cats who feel very secure will share a food bowl.

    From The Cat Bible, Copyright by Sandy Robins, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with I-5 Press

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