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    Cat Rescue Today

    Cat Rescue Today

    In the twenty-first century, cat shelters featuring adoption programs, TNR, and feral cat management programs have become viable alternatives to euthanasia. Today, many educational resources offering advice to cat lovers on how to start a rescue group or offering assistance to established feral cat groups can be found on pet welfare organization websites such as those run by the ACA, Alley Cat Rescue, the Humane Society of the United States, and the ASPCA. The past decade has seen feral cat caregivers establish working relationships with local municipal animal control agencies that, in time, we hope, will lead to other success stories such as Project Bay Cat.

    In addition, instead of just looking after unwanted cats, rescue groups are making a concerted effort to establish foster programs so that, where possible, cats and kittens in the rescue system can be properly socialized, which will make it much easier to find them forever homes.

    Another positive side of cat rescue has been the establishment of retirement homes for elderly cats whose owners have passed away but had the foresight to make provision in their estates for their cats' lifelong care. Specific retirement establishments, such as the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats in Laguna Beach, California, are wonderful, homey environments staffed by volunteers who attend to the medical needs of these aging felines and give them lots of love and affection. It's a testament to their work that many of the cats in retirement homes are living well into their late teens and even their twenties.

    Project Bay Cat is a successfully managed colony of feral cats in Foster City, California, that demonstrates what can be accomplished when municipalities, cat lovers, and environmentalists work together.

    Hoarding is more than just having too many cats. It's a complex mental health issue that involves denying the inability to care for so many cats (or other animals).

    Furthermore, sanctuaries that also offer a safe haven to homeless pets for the rest of their lives have opened around the country. One of the most famous is the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, which even invites pet lovers to come and stay and spend a volunteer vacation working with the cats, dogs, and a variety of other animals lucky enough to live there.

    Animal rescue and welfare has changed dramatically since its conception in the late nineteenth century. Today, both shelter and feral cats have strong, humane voices championing their cause. Apart from the countless of volunteers who are undoubtedly the driving forces behind these many organizations countrywide, help has come from the veterinary community and from animal behaviorists who are stepping forward to educate cat owners on proper care. Veterinarians and behaviorists want to ensure that cats can stay in their homes, that they will not be relinquished because their owners are ignorant about how to give them the care they need and deserve.

    From The Cat Bible, Copyright by Sandy Robins, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with I-5 Press

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