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    Checklist for your new pup


    Welcoming a new pet into your home is an exciting and challenging time for any pet parent. Luckily, our helpful team and this handy guide are here to help!

    Tips to make the most of the first 30 days with your new dog or puppy

    What's For Dinner?

    If you can, find out what food your dog was eating and when. Sticking to the same food and feeding schedule for the first few days may help avoid digestion issues. If you do switch brands, slowly mix the old and new, following the instructions on the new food or your vet.

    Paw Print TIP: It’s important to monitor how much your pet is eating, drinking and using the restroom. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with their stool, like diarrhea or blood, contact your vet immediately.


    Tag – They're It!


    Keep them safe with a collar and most importantly an ID tag with your contact information.

    Establish a Safe Zone

    Dogs need their own safe space just like we do, except for them instinctually it’s a den. Crates not only provide a safe place for your pooch, but are a helpful tool in potty training since dogs always keep their den clean.


    Get Social


    Introduce your pet to new people, pets, places and experiences slowly so they aren’t overwhelmed. Dogs use their noses to figure out who’s who, so expose them to blankets, towels or toys before family members. Establish ground rules with children - like no riding or pulling – before you bring your new dog home.

    Paw Print TIP: Bring your new furry friend into your local Pet Supplies Plus. We love meeting our new neighbors!

    Form a Routine

    Establish a consistent routine for dinnertime, play time, quiet time - and most importantly - potty time. Also, be sure to set boundaries so you don’t encourage bad behavior like jumping up or barking. What may be cute at 10 pounds won’t be at 100 pounds!

    Paw Print TIP: Housetraining is easier if your pet knows what the day will bring. Make sure you reward good behavior with treats and love to encourage healthy attention for your pup.


    Handle with Care


    Get your pet used to handling from day one - touch their feet, nails, tail, ears, snout, teeth and belly with love. If you have a shy rescue, go slow and introduce yourself and others through smells first.

    Paw Print TIP: Start grooming early on – it’s a good way to get them used to touching and good hygiene leads to a healthy life.

    Keep them Occupied

    Pique their interest by rotating toys. Letting them have a few at a time or a variety will help keep their teeth on the toys and not your belongings.

    Paw Print TIP: Treat dispensing toys allow for hours of fun and learning.


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