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    Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Rewards


    Earn FREEBIES just for buying your pet’s favorite brands!


    Neighbor Rewards Program

    Getting started is easy!

    1. Login to your Preferred Pet Club account or create a new account
    2. Click on the My Rewards link on your Profile Page
    3. Complete the sign up form to enroll
    4. Start shopping and every time you buy a qualifying product, we'll track your progress and let you know when you've earned your freebie

      Enroll Now

    Keep in Mind:

    • You will begin to earn towards your rewards the day you enroll. Past purchases do not count.
    • Qualifying purchases need to be made within 1 year of your first purchase
    • Each purchase must be the same brand, type and size to qualify - the flavors can vary
    • Accrued purchases cannot be combined with other programs or transferred to other accounts
    • When shopping, be sure to use your PPC card in store or login to your account online for accurate purchase tracking
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