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    Owner Spotlight

    Franchise Spotlight - Bonani

    Jeff Bonanni

    "As PSP's first franchisee I've been involved with this company since 1989. Through the years I've seen a lot of growth and change; I am enthusiastic with the new direction of PSP and still see really big things happening in the future. I am very excited to be opening new Pet Centers in the North Carolina Market over the next few years."


    Mike L.

    "The corporate franchise system provides full store setup and ongoing operations, marketing, product management, and pricing support. This allows us to focus on training and developing our employees and providing an unforgettable in-store experience for our customers.
    The cutting edge Corporate marketing programs require minimal time commitment from the franchisee to develop and implement, and they work wonders at driving traffic into our local store!
    I don't feel as though I'm a franchisee on an island, I feel part of the Pet Supplies Plus team.
    There is an open and healthy dialogue between Pet Supplies Plus and the franchisees. This results in idea sharing that everyone benefits from--I don't feel like my voice is not heard or like I'm on my own to figure out how to solve a problem."


    Scott Altman

    "The Pet Supplies Plus franchise for us is a great opportunity to become my own boss in a dynamic expanding market into neighborhoods. We found Pet Supplies Plus is run by people very passionate about pets and the industry. Their dedication to the industry has made our adventure with Pet Supplies Plus a successful one. Being competitive is always a major concern; Pet Supplies Plus has been instrumental with ensuring we stay competitive in this dynamic industry. Not only in pricing, but also with new products! For us, Pet Supplies Plus is driving success to us franchisees; so we can deliver it to our neighbors."


    Peter & Lori Nebel

    "Since the start of our relationship with Pet Supplies Plus, the team at Pet Central and Franchisees has been extremely supportive, knowledgeable in all facets of the pet industry, and are genuinely passionate about the well-being of pets. We opened our first store in February 2014, and have the highest level of confidence in its success because of the strong operational standards and practices that Pet Supplies Plus has to offer!  


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