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    Purina Pro Plan

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    Breakthrough Nutrition

    From helping you control cat allergens to helping your dog think more like he did when he was younger, Purina® Pro Plan® LiveClear™ and Bright Mind® are two revolutionary offerings designed to change lives.

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    Formulated for Unique Nutritional Needs

    Designed to help support specific life stage, breed size or other unique needs, Purina® Pro Plan® Focus is formulated to provide your pet with a variety of protein-rich, extra-care formulas that will help your pet be his or her best.

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    Support Digestive and Immune Health

    Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® provides your pets with the outstanding nutrition they need, while delivering a variety of tastes and textures they’ll love. Now, support their digestive and immune health with guaranteed live probiotics in select dry formulas.

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    High-Protein, Natural Nutrition

    Purina® Pro Plan® Natural Plus Essential Vitamins & Minerals and True Nature™ offer protein-rich formulas with carefully chosen ingredients and grain-free options, as well as no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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    Fuel for Highly Active Canines

    Perfect for dogs who hunt, compete, work or just enjoy everyday exercise, Purina® Pro Plan® Sport® serves up fine-tuned nutrition designed to help maintain lean muscle mass, increase endurance and nourish muscles during recovery–so your dog can be his absolute best.

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    Find the Perfect Fit

    Not sure what the proper nutrition is for your pet’s unique needs and lifestyle? With Purina® Pro Plan® myPlan, you can find the right food for your pet and get a personalized recommendation and helpful advice from our team of experts. Try it now and get $5 off a bag of Purina® Pro Plan®.

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