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    The Petlinks System™

    Created by a community of vets, pet experts and pet parents, the Petlinks System helps you find the products to satisfy your cat’s emotional, instinctual, and physical needs. Whether your cat needs more exercise, interaction, or just an effective cat scratcher, our color-coded system will help you quickly find the right item to enhance your cat’s happiness and well-being. 

    The Petlinks Guarantee: Quality. Safety. Satisfaction.

    Petlinks is dedicated to creating innovative, high quality, solution-based products that enhance the lives of pets and pet parents. Designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards, our products are tested against those standards to ensure they’re safe for all members of your family. We’re so sure that you’ll love Petlinks that every item is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

    Electronic Toys Start the Fun!

    Flashing lights, natural sounds, and unpredictable motions trigger a cat’s hunting instinct, inspiring them to stalk, chase, and pounce! Petlinks’ electronic toys provide these fun features and more to fascinate and delight cats of all ages.

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    How Does Your Cat Play?

    No matter how your cat plays, there’s a Petlinks toy that makes playtime perfect. Our toys combine tantalizing feathers, dangling ribbons, stimulating catnip, and more in unique, surprising, and cute combinations to combat cat boredom and encourage activity, bonding, and fun!

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    Petlinks Catnip is Pure Pleasure!

    Catnip sparks a surge of activity followed by peaceful relaxation in most cats. A natural herb related to mint, no one knows exactly how or why it works. But we do know catnip is used to encourage healthy activity, to attract cats to scratchers, beds & toys, and as a fun and frisky playtime treat!

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    Save Your Furniture with Petlinks Scratchers!

    Cats scratch to mark territory, promote healthy nail growth, stretch, and tone muscles – it even helps to relieve stress. Petlinks scratchers give your cat a safe and appropriate alternative to destroying your furniture. With a wide variety of scratching surfaces, angles, and extra features to attract cats, Petlinks scratchers help your cat forget about the couch.

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