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    Earthborn Holistic Dog & Cat Food

    Limited Ingredients, Unlimited Ventures

    You can’t expect to create exceptional dog food unless you make the effort to find the best ingredients, and sometimes the journey to finding the best ingredients is an exciting VENTURE. Each Earthborn Holistic® Venture™ recipe features superior ingredients from sources we can trust. NO grain, NO gluten, NO potatoes, NO eggs, NO colorants, NO fillers, NO by-products and NO artificial preservatives.

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    Grain-Free Nutrition For Every Paw 

    Earthborn Holistic® offers a wholesome approach to grain-free, gluten-free nutrition, including a variety of dry and moist dinners, with high-quality ingredients to nourish the whole dog. We select nature’s finest digestible proteins, fruits and vegetables along with an exact blend of vitamins and minerals. We have the perfect product for any small or large breed dog, puppy, working dog and every paw in between.

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    Purrfect Food For Felines

    Earthborn Holistic® dry and moist cat foods will fulfill any cat’s primal dietary needs through premium animal proteins and extreme palatability. Whether it’s a kibble cooked to purrfection, a canned dinner delight or a meat-centric meal in a pouch, Earthborn Holistic® provides felines with many grain-free & gluten-free options for a truly nutritious feast.

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    Oven-Baked Biscuits & Moist Treats

    Pets are a part of your family, just as they are a part of ours. Our delicious selection of grain-free moist treats and grain-free oven-baked biscuits will reward your dog for his constant love­­ and friendship. We formulate our treats with high-quality protein sources and wholesome vegetables and fruits to provide your dog with numerous health benefits and delicious flavor in each and every bite.

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    Family-Owned Kitchens Since 1926

    Midwestern Pet Foods, maker of Earthborn Holistic, is now in it’s 4th generation of family leadership. We create our own nutritious dry recipes, selectively choose our ingredients and prepare our foods with care in our family-owned kitchens located in the United States. Our products are subject to rigorous testing in independent laboratories to ensure quality nutrition and safety. In our long history, Midwestern Pet Foods has never had a product recall.

    Love Your Pet, Love Your Planet

    We not only care about the nutritional needs of your pet, but we also care about the environment and the earth we inhabit. Help build forests around the world and reduce harmful greenhouse gases by participating in the Earthborn Holistic® UPCs for Trees program. Purchase Earthborn Holistic® products, send in the UPCs and trees will be planted in areas of need. To date, we have planted over 500,000 Trees!

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